Welcome to DEEP!

Standing for DPWS (Device Profile for Web Services) Enabled dEvices Platform, we have built a new working scenario example based on an emergency room, in order to prove the integration capabilities between DPWS, Internet of Things and Cloud Computing.

DEEP environment uses many known technologies and frameworks like HTML5, CSS, JQuery, Java, JPA and even Android Framework. Also we use bleeding edge technologies like Google Cloud Platform.


Heterogeneous devices

Sensor Gateway retrieves information from different sources and devices, providing an abstraction layer between hardware devices and information


Offline Sensor Handling

Internet Access is not required to monitor sensor data, thanks to DPWS Oasis Standard, device definition and operations are accessible trough automatic WSDL discovery.


Cloud powered

You can generate automatically the necessary software to query your secure API from different sources. Monitoring the platform and deploying new versions is also straightforward