This research project is currently developed by the Service and Component ENgineering for Internet Computing (SCENIC) research group.

SCENIC is formed by faculty staff members, postdocs and Phd students, as well as MSc students enrolled in research projects. The research interest of SCENIC is focused on the Service-Oriented Computing, the Component-Based Software Engineering, the Cloud Computing, and the Internet of Services. The team has developed methodologies applied to the automatic orchestration and composition of services and components, by emphasizing the interface description (at the signature and behavioural levels), as well as the discovery, the interoperability analysis, and the dynamic adaptation and reconfiguration of services and components. The group also tackles problems related to the synthesis of secure orchestrators (satisfying properties such as privacy) or the development of self-adaptive and context-aware systems. In all these issues, the members of the team have provided solutions published and disseminated in prestigious international journals and congresses in the software engineering field.

We are part of GISUM (Grupo de Ingeniería de Software de la Universidad de Málaga).

Used technologies

Also brought by: Bootstrap, JQuery, PNotify, Bootstrap Datepicker, Bootstrap Form Helpers, Spin.JS, JQueryValidation, nv-i18n.

Development team


Ernesto Pimentel

Full Professor, Deparment of Computer Science
Centro Campus de Teatinos. Boulevard Louis Pasteur 35. Málaga.